Monday, January 9, 2012

Some things I am loving

The Republic Tea Co Teas! Think I have enough? 

My VitaMix Machine not just for smoothies! 
A good Cosmo for a great price! The Margarita is 
even better, I add in some fresh lime to mine, with the cosmo
you can can add in cranberries, a slice of orange, lime or lemon--
a dash of cranberry juice, etc. 

For my dry hair in winter! A VERY LITTLE goes a LONG way! Think the size of a dime!

Not only for my body but my face! Makes you feel so soft
and clean all over! 

This stuff WORKS well!!!

they have a lot of scents but right now
I am enjoying the lemon to wash my hands with!!


GFels-Naptha for getting stains out! 
HEAT! Smells incredible and for a GREAT price!

9.94 lamp shades! 

Mock-a-Mole, the peas really give you that much needed fiber
less fat and calories but with a what I think is a better taste! 

funky printed face cloths


These crackers are UNeral...VERY filling
and great alone or with your favorite cheese or peanut butter...
tuna on top is even good! 

My Kindle Fire! You have NO idea just how much I am
enjoying this!!!


  1. Hi Richelle,

    The doctor krackers and tea's I'm going to look for.
    I have two of those bell shades.

    You posted some great things.


  2. Thanks Dee. Yes, try the teas, I think you will enjoy them. The mint, get happy and get your Zzzzs are the ones I enjoy the most for taste...the chocolate mint is great if you are craving chocolate yet don't want to indulge in the real thing....taste just like the real hot chocolate but watered down like a tea would be.