Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chef's Mat In a BATH ROOM? You bet!!!!

Ever see those chef mats? I have a black, large on in the kitchen under the sink and then I seen a smaller one that looks like a worn leather pattern and I knew it would fit perfectly under the shower stall.
Can't tell from my photo (sorry, I used my cell phone for this and should not have) but it's like a weave pattern, two-toned and leather looking. It's so soft to step out of shower on to this! Not sure if anyone else though of using the chef mats this way but boy! What a clever idea if I do say so myself. When I do my son's bathroom over, think he's getting a black or gray one! 

This bathroom is small, it's off our bedroom. I am keeping the tones/colors neutral for that reason (for now;)
Above, the hand towel matches the colors
in the bedroom. I've been using the browns, tans
and blues for over 4 years now! LOL I know! Time 
for a change but for now they are working ....too many
other projects to complete first! 

Love these oil diffusers -- lavender is so calming in the bathroom! 
My cousin sent this as one of his gifts to use during the Christmas Season. So thoughtful! 

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