Thursday, June 7, 2012


OK, MANY changes.

between the living room and kitchen
a transom widow is going up along 
with salvaged doors that will stayed opened off to each
side most of the time, but have the ability to be closed off.
Below is a sample but mine will have a DARKER stain

WANTED shutters like this for bow window and other over sized window in room BUT
too much money, so going with white, wood blinds. no valances, no curtains, SIMPLE is my new motto. 

The sofa--totally 100% satisfied with it. SUPER comfortable down filled
cushions, removable and washable cushion and pillow covers!!!

LEATHER RECLINER ... COMING June 14th, photos to follow of it in my home but here it is 

TV Console also coming on the 14th of June;

have NOT decided on this coffee table..YET!!! Wanted a glass top with wood bottom but the same
wood tone as the TV Console above

 At some point after all this and then a side table, lamp, rug, photos on walls, paint,  and Lord only knows what else, it will FINALLY look like a grown up's finished living room!!!!