Monday, December 10, 2012

little bits of Christmas

Kitchen Window Sill


Gel Cling on for side door lights 
I have a thing for penguins. 

 I have a few more pieces in a box to add, baby Jesus is missing here
along with some other pieces.

Random babbles. 

A Clear vase I got for $11, filled with faux berries, snow and ornaments! 
I have it in another spot now and it really looks great!!!

Stockings are hung!!!

Sorry. I am NOT done painting this, you can CLEARLY see the inside
needs some black as well as the feet balls. They still have the distressed, buttercup yellow. I hope to get that this done sooner than later. In addition, 
I only two mini wreaths that were the same, so off to buy three or just keep as 

This is Taco lounging on my new chair eyeing the tree! 

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