Monday, December 10, 2012

Hello Everyone! Hope this day is finding you well! 

Certainly has been a while! Want to post some updated yet not finished of the 1st floor master suite for my parents and some other things, mainly relating to Christmas !

Below: So, I was going to make a canvas stamped tree skirt and had the hardest time finding the size I wanted for a reasonable price. A suggestion came in to use felt. I thought, Why not!!?? After purchasing the felt, pad for under it and some small stockings to hot glue on the edges (rather than having say a ruffle)..just decide the red and green felt was NOT for me, personally! I will make another project with this next year! Here is one of my curious cats 
sitting on it! 

Below: last year
this was my little live tree that I used 
as my card holder! I was really loved how I could see
each card everyone sent to me plus since we use a fake
tree, this was a bonus for the scent without all the mess! 

 Below: not the best photos but this was our tree last year (2011)
Here I am with my love, my son! 

Below: the 1st floor master suite bath room shelving. It still 
needs more trim to the left and the plywood will painted the blue,
woodwork needs sanding, priming and painting of white still 

 The bathroom door is now up! yay! Course that too needs
sanding, priming and painting. 

 This is the linen close (stove won't be there, that was to help
warm up the worker:) Needs, knob, sanding, priming and painting. 

 Below: the closet, it's bigger than it appears in this photo
for some reason. It needs the shelving and hanging units
as well as the carpet. 

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