Monday, January 30, 2012

Cute & Clever Use of A Wine Bottle

My cousin made this. What a cute and clever way to use a wine bottle!

String of lights
Wine bottle
Faux Grapes
Wine Cork

Simple and fun looking!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy Eating Tips:

  1. Stay lean.  Choose lean cuts of meat and poultry like chicken breast (without skin), pork tenderloin or sirloin steak to shave off calories and saturated fat.  Or for other sources of lean protein try eggs, beans, nuts or soy products.  
  2. Make fruits and veggies the star.  Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients.  Try to get rid of the notion of meat always being center stage and fruits and veggies playing supporting characters.  Reverse that ratio or even go vegetarian once or twice a week.
  3. Swap in healthy whole grains.  Choose a side of brown rice instead of white or buy a package of whole wheat bread or pasta the next time you're at the grocery store.  If you want to try something new, experiment with whole grains like quinoa, barley or faro.  
  4. Love your heart.  Substitute heart healthy unsaturated fats for unhealthy saturated fats.  Instead of cooking with butter or coconut oil, reach for olive or canola oil.
  5. Cut the (full fat) cheese.  When consuming dairy products such as cheese, milk and yogurt, stick with reduced fat or fat free instead of full fat products.  If you love cheese and want to splurge on a full fat variety, just limit the amount- you only need a small amount to add great flavor to a dish.
  6. Put the salt shaker back in the cupboard.  Control the amount of salt you consume especially if you're older than 50, African American or have chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes.  You may not realize that many canned and packaged goods are high in sodium such as soups, vegetables, tomato sauce and beans.  Read the labels and consider buying low sodium products- that way you can control the amount of salt you put in your food.
  7. Don't be so sweet.  Reduce your consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages like soda, energy drinks, sports drinks and fruit drinks.  Try to replace at least one of these beverages a day with a glass of water.
  8. Eat more seafood.  It's good for your brain and heart and it's easy to cook.  The USDA recommends two servings of seafood a week.
  9. Drink responsibly.  Drink alcohol in moderation- that means up to one drink per day for women and two for men.  
  10. Know your cooking methods.  Choose cooking methods such as grilling, roasting and poaching that add a lot of flavor without using too much oil.  Avoid cooking methods that use a lot of oil like frying.
  11. Spice it up!  Use dried spices and fresh herbs liberally to add lots of flavor without adding calories.
  12. Eat often.  Eat small frequent meals throughout the day (and this includes breakfast!) rather than eating one big meal at night.  This will keep your insulin levels steady, your metabolism revved up and reduce cravings which lead to unhealthy snacking.
  13. Portion control.  Be mindful of the amount of food you're eating and stop when you're not hungry anymore.  When you're eating dinner, serve yourself in the kitchen rather than bringing the food to the dinner table.  That way you're more likely to just eat what's on your plate and not go back for seconds or thirds.  
  14. Eat in moderation.  This is probably one of my most important tips because I love food and believe that eating is one of life's greatest pleasures.  If you're craving something, treat yourself every now and then.  This will lead to less binge eating.  Just try to get back on track the next day and work out a little longer at the gym.
  15. Menu planning.  One of the best ways to maintain a healthy eating pattern is to plan your meals for the week.  Take a couple of hours to plan all of your meals for the week and make one big grocery list.  If you go grocery shopping with a list, you'll get all of your shopping done in one day and you'll buy less snacks at the store.  This will end up saving you lots of time and money and it will reduce last-minute runs to the fast-food restaurant.
  16. Cook at home.  Not only is cooking fun, it brings people together and you have control over your ingredients.  Restaurant food and frozen dinners are packed with hidden calories, fat, and sodium.  When you cook at home, you know what you're putting in your food and you'll feel like a rockstar when your family and friends devour your culinary creations.


This stunning scarf and shawl came from a friend's husband. 
I just LOVE the colors in it (the orange is warm and inviting) it is
VERY soft and warm!!! I've been wearing it just about every day and getting
tons of complements on it! THANK YOU JOSEF!!!! 

All the colors are stunning. It is even prettier in person! 

This is folded up, you can see how long it is...the photo was taken
before I could put in on as shawl, Wish you could have seen it that  way as well. Very cozy and warm!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Love Between a Daughter and Father

Our daughter who was married last July 16th (2011) gave this photo
to my husband as one of his Christmas gifts. It's THE MOST
touching photo, my husband's face is swollen and he was crying,
my daughter is giving him a tender kiss as she cried! I just LOVE
this as it shows their true love for each other! 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chef's Mat In a BATH ROOM? You bet!!!!

Ever see those chef mats? I have a black, large on in the kitchen under the sink and then I seen a smaller one that looks like a worn leather pattern and I knew it would fit perfectly under the shower stall.
Can't tell from my photo (sorry, I used my cell phone for this and should not have) but it's like a weave pattern, two-toned and leather looking. It's so soft to step out of shower on to this! Not sure if anyone else though of using the chef mats this way but boy! What a clever idea if I do say so myself. When I do my son's bathroom over, think he's getting a black or gray one! 

This bathroom is small, it's off our bedroom. I am keeping the tones/colors neutral for that reason (for now;)
Above, the hand towel matches the colors
in the bedroom. I've been using the browns, tans
and blues for over 4 years now! LOL I know! Time 
for a change but for now they are working ....too many
other projects to complete first! 

Love these oil diffusers -- lavender is so calming in the bathroom! 
My cousin sent this as one of his gifts to use during the Christmas Season. So thoughtful! 

Hampton Toile Pinch Pleat Window Curtain Panel /

Hampton Toile Pinch Pleat Window Curtain Panel /
these are so pretty. Love the color combo of the room! Very classy yet
still casual!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


If you want to learn more about Qigong you can
find an array of valuable information at the link below (including a video explaining it).
I just started this and it's been helpful on SO many levels thus far! I am glad I kept
an open mind about and look forward to my journey of healing both the mind & body!
Peace out,

Qigong Institute - Home Page

This is where I take mine:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Do You Have Trouble Refusing a Buy One, Get One Half Off Deal?

it's obvious I do!
While browsing the other day at a local shop the sales lady informed me that upstairs they have sale,
buy one pair of shoes and get the second pair for half off. I KNEW this was dangerous territory for me yet felt compelled to check it out anyway!

I found the Kingston Ugg Boots I liked but never got around to buying
AND found my Finns, these sandals are incredible for my Plantar fasciitis!! They are normally $189, they were marked down then half off of that because I bought the boots (which were on sale) DEAL OR NO DEAL?

A Beautiful Surprise

I never win anything. So, when my friend Dee from A Lapin Life announced I was the winner of a
necklace from Shabby Apple, I was surprised! What a nice treat!
Isn't it just lovely? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bethenny Ever After Season 3 - Welcome to the 2nd Year of Marriage - Video - Bravo TV Official Site

Bethenny Ever After Season 3 - Welcome to the 2nd Year of Marriage - Video - Bravo TV Official Site

I'll be watching! This lady is SO funny!!! Bethenny Frankel!

Posted before

I usually just use the cauliflower w/ a white pasta (I like to call the hats, that's how they are shaped)
but yesterday I had broccoli in the fridge that had to be used I decided to mix the two and use a multi-grain pasta. The dish is EASY and very filling and healthy!

Take a large, skillet and chop and wash your cauliflower (and broccoli in this case), oil the veggie AND the pan (EVOO) on med-high heat. Let brown, add garlic (chopped and more EVOO if needed), make sure garlic does not brown up too much (burn), now add in veggie or chicken stock and cover the pan and crank up to high heat, boil your water, salt and cook pasta of your choice. Once the veggies are tender take a potato masher and MASH the cauliflower (no need to do this to the broccoli). pour, cooked, drained pasta in, mix up and serve with your favorite grated cheese!!!! YUM!!!!

Photo in no particular order (sorry:)

With the whole grain you will get fiber!!!

When I put the pasta in before mixing up! 

Here I mashed the Cauliflower up and left the broccoli  alone 

I am NOT a fan of Ronzoni pasta but that's all they had for whole grain at the market
I went to, it was not bad but not as good as some others I have tried, look around! 

How it looks all mixed up! 

Some things I am loving

The Republic Tea Co Teas! Think I have enough? 

My VitaMix Machine not just for smoothies! 
A good Cosmo for a great price! The Margarita is 
even better, I add in some fresh lime to mine, with the cosmo
you can can add in cranberries, a slice of orange, lime or lemon--
a dash of cranberry juice, etc. 

For my dry hair in winter! A VERY LITTLE goes a LONG way! Think the size of a dime!

Not only for my body but my face! Makes you feel so soft
and clean all over! 

This stuff WORKS well!!!

they have a lot of scents but right now
I am enjoying the lemon to wash my hands with!!


GFels-Naptha for getting stains out! 
HEAT! Smells incredible and for a GREAT price!

9.94 lamp shades! 

Mock-a-Mole, the peas really give you that much needed fiber
less fat and calories but with a what I think is a better taste! 

funky printed face cloths


These crackers are UNeral...VERY filling
and great alone or with your favorite cheese or peanut butter...
tuna on top is even good! 

My Kindle Fire! You have NO idea just how much I am
enjoying this!!!

Suite makes living room un-sweet

As we begin to work on my parent's 1st floor Master Suite the living room I hoped would be done by now is going to be neglected for a bit longer! I don't like a lot of things but this is DULL at best! 

I have in my mind a DEEP gray, comfortable sofa w/two chairs, another road coffee table (maybe this time 
in glass) pops of color on the sofa with throws and pillow (deep purple or orange maybe...not a bright orange, more of a sunset shade) up-down shades in a modern print of maybe white with VERY light gray!?!? Sadly for now I have the moss green sofa and love seat (although the color totally grew on me and reminds me so much of nature) the pillow are just not doing it ... thinking of covering them up for now:)

Remember my orange tree that almost died last winter?
It is doing very well now! I love this wine cabinet with the marble top!

Front is not making a good impression!!!!
Ok, so I need to take my yoga mat and blocks
in the basket out of the way and my SIL's bottle of wine:)

Not sure what I want to do (if anything) with the sidelights by the front door