Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easy for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner!

Take store bought (or better, make your own) Israeli Couscous
and stuff any colored pepper you wish! I did a yellow pepper here! 
pre-heat oven to 350, wrap in foil with top open, cook until browned a bit! 
You can add cheese on top toward the end and melt it over if you wish! 
You may also like to add breadcrumbs, Japanese or Italian, your choice! Enjoy!

picture BEFORE it was baked!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

To Choose! Furniture Shopping!

Sofa was oversize for my room at 96" so I DIDN'T plan on getting this
BUT I HAVE IT!!! Ended up fitting perfectly!! I put that pillow that you see
here on the leather club chair and added a tan one, also have my gray, blue and yellow printed pillows that are over sized, one on each side--then I have a yellow, square pillow on there..yup---pillowed up well! lol

Take a break on a Super Comfortable  & HUGE Chaise!!!!!
Sadly it was a decision between the chaise with love seat 
or the sofa with leather club know who won!!

Come have a seat with me!!!!

here were some things that just caught my eye!

Would love this for the coffee table! Balls were $10 ea, bowl $99

This chair was beautiful. Lot of people
stopping to view this. It rocked too! neat! 

Going for this look for sure!!! I will just pick up my own twigs outside though:)
They wanted I think, $29.99 for the glass, wall vases! 

Want this piece SO badly!!! I think it would be awesome in 
a bath room, guest room or in a hall!!!!! I love
the mix of old and new in a home..this is new but with an old
look to it----

Electric fireplace TV unit! They sell this in BLACK too (which is what color I would pick)
They have white rock/stones rather than logs...looks FAR better in person!!!

just made it SCREAM summer!!!!



How cool and THICK is THIS table??
LOVED IT--think the price was right too!!!!

funky and fun! TREE STUMP TABLE!!! LOVED

ALWAYS loved these mirrors! 

hutch/cabinet below---

Below: makes you just THINK summer!!

My Chicken Recipe Being Testing IN the Crock Pot

This is usually made with legs and wings ....
I put it in the oven on 350, marinating it overnight first (to really let all that flavor set it)
the orange can be omitted if you wish to just use lemon (which most of the time I use JUST
the lemon).

  • FRESH squeezed lemons (and slices thrown in)
  • Chicken breast used here (boneless, 5 of them) Wash good and coat with EVOO
  • Organic Rosemary
  • Fresh squeezed oranges (and slices thrown in)
  • Sea salt and ground pepper 
  • TONS of whole clove garlic (to your liking)

Optional: I had left over organic dill that I did not want to go to waste 
so I put some of that in here...if you have leftover parsley you want to use
up, that would be good too!!

and here it is done but not served!
Came out VERY moist and  tasty! 

This would be great cut up the next day
(hot or cold) served over your choice of salad greens
and toppings (mandarin oranges perhaps?) some almonds?


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rosemary,Lemon, EVOO, and Garlic Chicken

This has become one of my favorite chicken dishes. You can make it with wing, thighs, legs,
breasts and/or a combo of them.

I don't measure must when cooking..

1. Wash chicken, surfaces and hands well
2. in a pan put in the chicken you want (make sure the pieces are all pretty much even sized for even cooking)
3. coat all the chicken with FRESH lemon juice and then cut up the lemons and droop in pan. You can also uses some orange along with the lemons for added flavor (or if you don't like lemon, use just the oranges).
4. coat all the chicken now with sea salt and ground peppercorns
5. now coat the chicken with olive oil --- mix all up you hands
6. depending on how much you like, love or hate garlic....drop in WHOLE cloves of garlic in the pan according to your taste buds.
7. take organic rosemary and place all over chicken...try to mix some under the chicken!

Let sit in fridge for a least a few hours (overnight in the fridge is best)
back on 350 until done

It is amazing ..... moist*woodsy*citrus

picture below is BEFORE it was done! This is how it should look going
into the oven.