Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rosemary,Lemon, EVOO, and Garlic Chicken

This has become one of my favorite chicken dishes. You can make it with wing, thighs, legs,
breasts and/or a combo of them.

I don't measure must when cooking..

1. Wash chicken, surfaces and hands well
2. in a pan put in the chicken you want (make sure the pieces are all pretty much even sized for even cooking)
3. coat all the chicken with FRESH lemon juice and then cut up the lemons and droop in pan. You can also uses some orange along with the lemons for added flavor (or if you don't like lemon, use just the oranges).
4. coat all the chicken now with sea salt and ground peppercorns
5. now coat the chicken with olive oil --- mix all up you hands
6. depending on how much you like, love or hate garlic....drop in WHOLE cloves of garlic in the pan according to your taste buds.
7. take organic rosemary and place all over chicken...try to mix some under the chicken!

Let sit in fridge for a least a few hours (overnight in the fridge is best)
back on 350 until done

It is amazing ..... moist*woodsy*citrus

picture below is BEFORE it was done! This is how it should look going
into the oven.

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