Monday, February 27, 2012

FINALLY made a decision on sofa pillows!

decision I had to make! Not always of making them but had to be done. ha-ha
So, this is what I went with because if/when I change out the color from the moss green (which I really like) to the deep gray----these pillows will still work! They are down filled, super comfortable and so I am happy with them!

What do you think?
1. Putting a print with solid on each OR
2. Keeping the two printed on the sofa and the two solid on the love seat?
Opinion appreciated!!!

ps-excuse any mess as I was busy all weekend and out all day today...and then my dog jumping up:) have to love Krumpet for that! 

Didn't have time to fluff & fix up... it is done now though:)
 The yellow appears brighter in the photos, has burlap trim

Below: These two DOWN-FILLED pillows AND covers all came together for $16.99 Each on pg. 99 of the Potter Barn Catalog (March 2012) they want $39.00 for the covers ONLY! Same exact thing! Score! 

The two yellow together on love seat---
EXCUSE the lamp cord:)

 Shown with one of each on Sofa (above and below)

Below: Shown one of each on Love seat

Below: they are gray, yellow, a bit of blue are in there as well. 

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  1. I like it with the two same pillows as shown in the last photo. And the cat between! LOL!