Sunday, February 26, 2012

Master 1st Floor Suite Coming Along (slowly:)

Ok, here are some updates. The plumber is a TON of work done and we are pleased thus far with it, tremendously, He is SO easy to work with and a very sweet and funny man!
Here are some photos of the bathroom so far (shower stall, sink, and toilet coming soon) Electrician coming next Sunday and then we can move forward on from there..

We also ordered a nice electric fireplace that is also an entertainment center and a cool fan w/a remote and when not in use the remote hangs on the wall.

Above: Where the shower will go
it will be five feet

above: hard to tell but this will be the linen closet

Ceiling fan/light fixture, not the best photo:(

Remote for ceiling fan with wall attachment plate

A bathroom in the making

looking UP into the CEILING! 

one side w/insulation and wall board, the other without

I really love this, would like to have one for my own room!!!!
My parents are really going to enjoy this duel piece!!!!

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