Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting my son's room ready for age 16!!!

At the end of May my son will be turning 16! Unreal to imagine! He is our baby, we have a daughter who was born in 1986, he in 1996! Once the master suite is complete for my parents then Richard gets to move into a larger room and will once again have his own bathroom and a walk-in-closet.
We decided on Black, gray and white for colors, giving him a more grown-up look. Here is what his bedding will be like. So far, the comforter came, the sheets and skirt will arrive in a day or two! The bathroom will have a clear shower curtain with the NYC skyline done in same colors; black, gray and white. We'll use all three colors for towels .... should be very nice for him!!!

 1500 Thread Count Queen 4pc Bed Sheet Set Egyptian Quality Deep Pocket White

Aeolus Down Full/Queen Microfiber Dobby Plaid Comforter Mini Set, Smoked Pearl

I want to find TWO of these mirrors. One for his room
and one for my living room by the front door! This is my nephew's mirror. I just Emailed him asking where he got it! LOVE IT!!!


  1. Well I think you can have a mirror cut in the shape you want and just put some hangers on it! I believe it's an easy DIY! You could try!
    Love, Olga

  2. Very good idea. Thanks for the tip, I really appreciate it. I need some glass cut for a table anyway, maybe they can do the mirror for me too!