Monday, February 27, 2012

FINALLY made a decision on sofa pillows!

decision I had to make! Not always of making them but had to be done. ha-ha
So, this is what I went with because if/when I change out the color from the moss green (which I really like) to the deep gray----these pillows will still work! They are down filled, super comfortable and so I am happy with them!

What do you think?
1. Putting a print with solid on each OR
2. Keeping the two printed on the sofa and the two solid on the love seat?
Opinion appreciated!!!

ps-excuse any mess as I was busy all weekend and out all day today...and then my dog jumping up:) have to love Krumpet for that! 

Didn't have time to fluff & fix up... it is done now though:)
 The yellow appears brighter in the photos, has burlap trim

Below: These two DOWN-FILLED pillows AND covers all came together for $16.99 Each on pg. 99 of the Potter Barn Catalog (March 2012) they want $39.00 for the covers ONLY! Same exact thing! Score! 

The two yellow together on love seat---
EXCUSE the lamp cord:)

 Shown with one of each on Sofa (above and below)

Below: Shown one of each on Love seat

Below: they are gray, yellow, a bit of blue are in there as well. 


I am on a mission to find some nice pillows for the sofa and love seat (even though down the line I plan on changing those out, the pillows will stay with the new set) BUT I had a rough time @ TJMaxx yesterday deciding and came home with NOTHING in the pillow department! All the pillows shown were down filled, nice and fluffy yet firm too....ran from $16.99-20.99. I want to start off with four and see how that goes!
Sofa and love seat NOW are moss green (which I love, very earthy and conducive to my home) but REALLY wanting a deep gray set .... maybe just a sofa and then printed chairs?!!? still deciding on that PLUS I am not ready to purchase a set since we are working on getting the 1st floor master suite and bath complete$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Here is what I was admiring:

Above: This was cute and they did have TWO of these but I just 
didn't get them because I couldn't decide on the other two. 

above: Thought of these two together

LOVED this combo ( I don't like ALL four or more pillow to match exactly, that is so old school)

This colorful one was my FAVORITE but there was one and I couldn't make it work with what else they had there....but thinking I may regret that now!!!!!!

This was in their outdoor department for $7.99, it sits 
in the living room on table now. I adore it! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Master 1st Floor Suite Coming Along (slowly:)

Ok, here are some updates. The plumber is a TON of work done and we are pleased thus far with it, tremendously, He is SO easy to work with and a very sweet and funny man!
Here are some photos of the bathroom so far (shower stall, sink, and toilet coming soon) Electrician coming next Sunday and then we can move forward on from there..

We also ordered a nice electric fireplace that is also an entertainment center and a cool fan w/a remote and when not in use the remote hangs on the wall.

Above: Where the shower will go
it will be five feet

above: hard to tell but this will be the linen closet

Ceiling fan/light fixture, not the best photo:(

Remote for ceiling fan with wall attachment plate

A bathroom in the making

looking UP into the CEILING! 

one side w/insulation and wall board, the other without

I really love this, would like to have one for my own room!!!!
My parents are really going to enjoy this duel piece!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting my son's room ready for age 16!!!

At the end of May my son will be turning 16! Unreal to imagine! He is our baby, we have a daughter who was born in 1986, he in 1996! Once the master suite is complete for my parents then Richard gets to move into a larger room and will once again have his own bathroom and a walk-in-closet.
We decided on Black, gray and white for colors, giving him a more grown-up look. Here is what his bedding will be like. So far, the comforter came, the sheets and skirt will arrive in a day or two! The bathroom will have a clear shower curtain with the NYC skyline done in same colors; black, gray and white. We'll use all three colors for towels .... should be very nice for him!!!

 1500 Thread Count Queen 4pc Bed Sheet Set Egyptian Quality Deep Pocket White

Aeolus Down Full/Queen Microfiber Dobby Plaid Comforter Mini Set, Smoked Pearl

I want to find TWO of these mirrors. One for his room
and one for my living room by the front door! This is my nephew's mirror. I just Emailed him asking where he got it! LOVE IT!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Let the Construction Begin!

So, can you make out by these photos that this will be a master suite w/a full bath? I can't!
I am staying hopeful that by the end of March this room can be done (or very close to it!!!). We'll see!

one side of garage ceiling cut open for pipes!

Other side of garage ceiling cut open for pipes


basement piping 

piping where the bathroom will be

rubble in the garage! 

Finally, Some Honeymoon Photos

Oh, not my honeymoon. LOL that of my daughter's back from her wedding on July 16th, 2011!
She is ONE riot!!! Look at her posing. Glad to see her so happy! My SIL is not too shabby either;)

Good morning beautiful world, I can wake up like this every day! 

I am thinking this one above must have been after a swim after the looks of her hair. hehe

Kayte and Matty happy and the Mrs and Mr

Young Love