Sunday, March 17, 2013

Son's New Room

Still need white, wood blinds
His REAL desk in here (that little gray
one will go in the guest room)

I will try to get more posted, not the best view.
it is bigger than it looks but yet not a large room by any means. There is a nice, walk-in closet for him. He will be 17 in May.

Having Spring Thoughts

Monday, December 10, 2012

Few New Favorite Finds

New Cookbook. Google and watch the documentary and try
to get a hold of this wonderful cookbook! 

New obsession! Infused water! I am loving
all the tap water now! I HIGHLY recommend this inexpensive
water infusion pitcher (bought mine on add whatever
fruits and herbs you wish and fill with water! Yum! Also can be used
for teas, lemonade and other things! 

at a local store I got these faux fur wrist warmers for only $9! They keep
my wrists really warm and plus, they can worn with a leather jacket, coat, sweaters, dresses, etc. to either make it funky and fun or warm and cozy looking! Can also
give a class look! 

I bought this Sunbeam electric blanket. It has a 3 hour auto shut off, settings of low, medium and is PLUSH you hardly feel the heating coils inside unlike the older models! I am LOVING it and when I get the chills, it gets plugged right in and I start to warm up in 3 minutes!!! There so many patterns to pick from but of course I went fun and funky with mine! 
 A bonus is that is both machine washable and dryer friendly! 

little bits of Christmas

Kitchen Window Sill


Gel Cling on for side door lights 
I have a thing for penguins. 

 I have a few more pieces in a box to add, baby Jesus is missing here
along with some other pieces.

Random babbles. 

A Clear vase I got for $11, filled with faux berries, snow and ornaments! 
I have it in another spot now and it really looks great!!!

Stockings are hung!!!

Sorry. I am NOT done painting this, you can CLEARLY see the inside
needs some black as well as the feet balls. They still have the distressed, buttercup yellow. I hope to get that this done sooner than later. In addition, 
I only two mini wreaths that were the same, so off to buy three or just keep as 

This is Taco lounging on my new chair eyeing the tree! 

Living Room Coming Along Slowly but Surely!

Our living room is a work in progress. I have the sofa, leather club chair, entertainment center and now another chair that was a birthday gift from my husband and son. I picked it out on LOVING it so much, very comfortable and extra wide! The price was GREAT on it too! win/win! 
Still needing a rug, coffee table, thin cocktail table for near chairs, some lighting and of course, a change out in pictures/art on the walls! 

Little re-cap, here is the sofa again. 

Here is a pic of the entertainment center, well really, just a TV 

and the leather club chair

 Together the chair...although not like this now because the tree
is in front of the windows and we have since moved that wine
cabinet...which once the tree is down, will allow space between 
the two chairs. HIS & HERS! 


Hello Everyone! Hope this day is finding you well! 

Certainly has been a while! Want to post some updated yet not finished of the 1st floor master suite for my parents and some other things, mainly relating to Christmas !

Below: So, I was going to make a canvas stamped tree skirt and had the hardest time finding the size I wanted for a reasonable price. A suggestion came in to use felt. I thought, Why not!!?? After purchasing the felt, pad for under it and some small stockings to hot glue on the edges (rather than having say a ruffle)..just decide the red and green felt was NOT for me, personally! I will make another project with this next year! Here is one of my curious cats 
sitting on it! 

Below: last year
this was my little live tree that I used 
as my card holder! I was really loved how I could see
each card everyone sent to me plus since we use a fake
tree, this was a bonus for the scent without all the mess! 

 Below: not the best photos but this was our tree last year (2011)
Here I am with my love, my son! 

Below: the 1st floor master suite bath room shelving. It still 
needs more trim to the left and the plywood will painted the blue,
woodwork needs sanding, priming and painting of white still 

 The bathroom door is now up! yay! Course that too needs
sanding, priming and painting. 

 This is the linen close (stove won't be there, that was to help
warm up the worker:) Needs, knob, sanding, priming and painting. 

 Below: the closet, it's bigger than it appears in this photo
for some reason. It needs the shelving and hanging units
as well as the carpet.