Monday, December 10, 2012

Few New Favorite Finds

New Cookbook. Google and watch the documentary and try
to get a hold of this wonderful cookbook! 

New obsession! Infused water! I am loving
all the tap water now! I HIGHLY recommend this inexpensive
water infusion pitcher (bought mine on add whatever
fruits and herbs you wish and fill with water! Yum! Also can be used
for teas, lemonade and other things! 

at a local store I got these faux fur wrist warmers for only $9! They keep
my wrists really warm and plus, they can worn with a leather jacket, coat, sweaters, dresses, etc. to either make it funky and fun or warm and cozy looking! Can also
give a class look! 

I bought this Sunbeam electric blanket. It has a 3 hour auto shut off, settings of low, medium and is PLUSH you hardly feel the heating coils inside unlike the older models! I am LOVING it and when I get the chills, it gets plugged right in and I start to warm up in 3 minutes!!! There so many patterns to pick from but of course I went fun and funky with mine! 
 A bonus is that is both machine washable and dryer friendly! 

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