Monday, January 9, 2012

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I usually just use the cauliflower w/ a white pasta (I like to call the hats, that's how they are shaped)
but yesterday I had broccoli in the fridge that had to be used I decided to mix the two and use a multi-grain pasta. The dish is EASY and very filling and healthy!

Take a large, skillet and chop and wash your cauliflower (and broccoli in this case), oil the veggie AND the pan (EVOO) on med-high heat. Let brown, add garlic (chopped and more EVOO if needed), make sure garlic does not brown up too much (burn), now add in veggie or chicken stock and cover the pan and crank up to high heat, boil your water, salt and cook pasta of your choice. Once the veggies are tender take a potato masher and MASH the cauliflower (no need to do this to the broccoli). pour, cooked, drained pasta in, mix up and serve with your favorite grated cheese!!!! YUM!!!!

Photo in no particular order (sorry:)

With the whole grain you will get fiber!!!

When I put the pasta in before mixing up! 

Here I mashed the Cauliflower up and left the broccoli  alone 

I am NOT a fan of Ronzoni pasta but that's all they had for whole grain at the market
I went to, it was not bad but not as good as some others I have tried, look around! 

How it looks all mixed up! 

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