Sunday, April 17, 2011

Touches of SPRING

Time to shop inside and out!!

 Budding up down in Boston

Bad photo from my cell phone but I LOVE
my AIR CHAIR and my Schnoodle pooch, Krumpet will jump right up there on it with me...he really enjoys the swing!

 Tulips in full bloom down in Boston
 Boston is SO pretty and ALIVE this time of year, photo taken on 04-15-2011


  1. I love that desk!!! If only it was mine.


  2. Isn't it beautiful. I wish I had the room for it now, the shop is RIGHT down the road from me!
    I would love to see it pained with custom glass put over the top for protection. The owner is great @ displaying her items. I have some garden things from here (stone urns and such)