Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let the Baking and Cooking Begin! HAPPY EASTER!

Today with the chilly temps in the upper 40s along with the rain (and my son's baseball game being canceled) it was THE PERFECT time to get a head start on Easter Cooking & Baking!
Obviously not in a particular order! The carrot cake is a 3-layer and those cakes just came out of the oven, the home smells amazing! Getting a few side dishes prepared early today and so hopefully tomorrow will go smooth and everything will taste incredible for my guests.


  1. You go girl! I have not made any desserts except for chocolate pudding for the kiddies.
    Carrot cake is very delicious! Save me a piece. hehe


  2. I will save you a piece:) I love carrot cake.
    Tom's chocolate cake smelled the home up so good!! Hope you had a very nice Easter Sunday.
    I am pooped. Made so much food (Everthing was easy) but it was a lot and the cleaning part was the well, the worst!!!! LOL