Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Slow Cooking Again

In a previous post you can see how I made this VERY similar with Peppercorn Pork Loin Today a plain pork loin and I opt NOT to use onions. I can of chunk pineapples (juice and all), sliced an orange in half, put in some dried cranberries and then the pork loin. I grated some whole nutmeg, added in about 1/3rd teaspoon on ground mustard and poured some pure clover organic honey over the loin. (note: if you see it the juices depleting, you can add some water but not too much, say 1/3rd or 1/4th of a cup is plenty, don't forget you have the pineapple juice)
I decided to make this AGAIN because it was such a hit last time and it is SUPER easy to prepare. Last time I served it with coconut milk jasmine rice and brussel sprouts...tonight it will be baked potatoes and green beans.
You can also add in some chipotle sauce (taste to your liking of course).

the flavor marry so well. This would make a GREAT pulled-pork sandwich the next day (or that same night if you wish that with some beans on side?

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