Monday, March 7, 2011

March Madness!

Yesterday, Sunday-March 6th was a sweet mild day weather wise! There were winds and rain BUT the snow is MELTING! Thrilled over that! I now can see my deck and driveway, parts of my patio are peeking through...and it's always greener over the septic tank! LOL
In my particular area it was a high of 56! Not bad, right?

It inspired me to get started on my seeds! I got two types of lettuce, two types of eggplant and 2 pkgs of Broccoli Raab to get started with along with those mini, disposable green house seed starter kits! My basil is planted in a pot (just bought two plants, organic because didn't feel like starting my herbs from seeds)....
Today it is mild again with more rain! I miss my SUNSHINE but just happy to be finding new things under the snow daily! What a treat! Course this means UPs and DOWNs of temps and MUD/flood season....
but SPRING is almost here!!!
Basil started (small but it will grow:)

Bring on the March Madness!!!!

Camilla's are doing good now! yippie!


  1. Richelle,

    I'm with you bring on the March Madness.
    Spring is almost here!


  2. I'm looking forward to following your gardening progress, bring on Spring.

  3. So far the Camellia plant is blooming well and each day we have at least one bloom to admire on it! Let's hope I don't kill it!!!!

    Seeds are started but haven't seen any progress yet ... will keep you posted.