Monday, March 21, 2011

It may be the first day of spring BUT...

...Mother Nature sure does not know this (she still thinks it's winter) as we have received snow in my area all day long and it's still coming down! I say, it's a CHICKEN SOUP day!!!

I could seriously live off of soup all winter long...but wait, it's NOT winter! SO WHAT!

Nothing to me gives the soup a more clean taste than FRESH dill on top! Oh my!!!

I use free-range, organic chicken, leeks, low sodium chicken broth, celery, carrots,
parsley (if I have it fresh, on-hand), sometimes I use either a yellow onion or scallions, if I have spinach I add that in, I put in frozen squash (1 box)  or I use a sweet potato and then puree it and put it back in the stock..makes for a more colorful and healthy broth (either or will do & make a huge difference to me in the flavor of the stock). Also on top I sprinkle whatever cheese I have on hand at the time, Parm or Romano or a mix of them both!?!? YUM!

I SELDOM use all the of the same ingredients every time I make my chicken soup, I think playing around with it and using what's on hand is HALF the fun!

What do YOU put in YOUR Chicken SOUP? I would LOVE to hear!
Anything different/unique?


  1. I love the sweet potato idea, I basically make it the same way you do, I make rice or noodles and keep them separte and add as I serve. I think soup and homemade bread is my favorite meal.

  2. One of my favorites as well. I honestly think I can eat soup everyday of the winter!
    adding a sweet potato gives color, flavor and more nutrients.