Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cauliflower, Baby Broccoli & Ziti SIMPLE RECIPE

In  a large saute pan w/cover to fit..
Start by cutting the cauliflower up and washing it well, dry and set aside, do same with baby broccoli.
in skillet add EVOO to heat but not burn, add in the cauliflower first (and only) saute up until a light golden brown, now chop up some garlic (to your own liking, I like LOTS of garlic;) place in pan, saute a bit watch to make sure garlic does not burn, just brown up a tad, now add in baby broccoli saute up a bit more..
put in 1 carton of low sodium chicken broth or veggie broth (your choice)
I used chicken broth, place cover on let it cook well .. get a potato masher and start to mach it all up..
add in some ground peppercorns and if you like I added in parsley and 4 fresh basil leaves. I aslso added in dried roemsary, I did not have any fresh rosemary! You can also add in some sea salt if you wish.
Boil ziti pasta (or pasta of your choice) and drain, mix together well in pan or in large bowl.
I served with grated cheese and simple focaccia bread! YUM!
It's VERY fast and easy and good for you too! You can add in red pepper flakes for added flavor is you wish!

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