Sunday, February 27, 2011

Macintosh Martini Moments

After shopping last night with my hubby we stopped for a drink. I had a Macintosh Martini that I enjoyed (too much perhaps!:) we just went over to our local ski area's restaurant The Outlook at Nashoba Valley in Westford, Ma ..Nice to look at the large windows out at the snow (from the warmth of the inside with their fire going and a band playing).
 The color of drink was actually more RED looking in person. Here is a similar recipe for it:)

1 oz  Sour Apple Schnapps
1 oz  Canadian Whisky
1 oz  of VERY good vodka
2 oz  of cranberry juice

Add all ingredients to a mixing glass over ice. Stir but do not shake.
Strain into a martini cocktail glass, and serve.
WARNING: 1 is PLENTY:)!!!!


  1. Adorable pic of you, looks like the drink made you happy! The drink sounds yummy!

  2. ha ha drinks ALWAYS make me happy:)
    yes, it was very good. I was thining how great of a Fall drink it would be some apple slices and maybe a maple syrup and brown sugar rim?!?! YUM

  3. Richelle,

    That does sound like a very good tasting drink.
    Pretty looking too!


  4. Yum! Sounds like it was a lovely evening. You make me homesick. There are not any ski resorts around here.... I have been living in the flat lands of Illinois since 1986.
    Nothing as romantic as sitting by a fire in a cozy ski lodge enjoying a cocktail and a view of the slopes with someone you love!

    Thanks for the recipe.