Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring thoughts

Woke up to another snow storm. The weather people thought we would get around 3" of snow but in my area we received a whopping 7". Tomorrow morning we will have a "mix" followed by about an 1" of rain. What a mess and I am SO ready for SPRING!!!!!!
Above & below: Negative of out front today

On the BRIGHT side of things I found this LIME green rain jacket at JC Penney's in the petite section. I just adore the shade of happiness!!!!! The inside has blue and green stripping ---
I was thinking of a great pair of puddle boots in the blue and green and already seen a pocket book which would match was blue straw and had the lime green inside with some floral print, it was at JC Penney.
I am going to get a coupon and go back and get my Spring shopping fix. I managed to buy a few needed items while there though...undies, bras, PJ's, night gown, and a spring top and sweater! The trip was great and I held off on the coat only because I want to use a coupon when purchasing it.  

 Isn't it just so pretty and cheerful?

 My Camellia also received it's 2nd BLOOM! YIPPIE! The leaves are light and dark with spots--as it should be. Another thing I love about the one Tom selected for me.

 Course when you view the blooms you do see all that snow out there....can't wait for the snow to be gone and the trees to start budding up! Long walks will be grand!!!!! Opened windows, savings with heating...
trips to get fried clams and steamers! Oh yum! I can hardly wait! Let's not forget the nights outside on sun porch with the sliders opened and all that FRESH air contributing to a better night's sleep!

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