Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

A gift from mother nature was given and accepted with great excitement & PLEASURE! It was 55 degrees outside on V-day! THANK YOU! A true sign SPRING is near!!!

I spent Valentine's Day with my loves (minus one, my daughter who was celebrating with her new fiance ) so it was with my hubby and son. Often going out to eat is expensive, overrated not to mention crowed and you never know how the food will be on a busy holiday. I opt to cook to a nice dinner @ home. I picked up some Rib Eye Steaks, seared up some Scallops (wild caught of course:), roasted some Yukon Gold Potatoes and three large carrots. I COULD have baked but while @ the market eyed two cannolis and a beautifully decorated over-sized cupcake (hey, somebody made them:). The night was quiet and it was great to have that time alone with my men. I hope you all had a very sweet Valentine's Day as well.

Above: Scallops searing away

Richard's cupcake!

Rib Eye Steaks cooking up

Our after dinner yums yums

Seared scallops on top of salad greens

Dinner plated


  1. Some of my favorite treats there! Love sea scallops and cannoli's. I never go out on holidays either. I'm glad you had a nice quiet evening!

  2. Richelle,

    Yum! Your Valentine's dinner is making me drool.