Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Turning 45

Well, a few days ago I turned 45!! I can't believe it. Where did the time go?
It felt a LOT like when I turned 35...not good! I hit 40 fine, so hopefully 50 will be the same for me:)

I did have a great night with my family and kids did well ... my
daughter bought me this darling necklace. She said one diamond was for her and the other for brother. Very touching!

My son is 15 and picked out all on his own THE MOST PERFECT black boots for me...loving them!

My hubby had a delicious cake along with a Spyder ski coat for me

 my mom and dad got me a bunch of stuff, PJs, great winter socks, a scarf, a travel mug and this darling top and sweater that I plan on wearing on Christmas Eve!!!


  1. Oh you spoiled young lady! Did Tom bake that cake himself? lol
    Glad you had a wonderful day spending it with those you love.

  2. Hi Richelle,

    You scored big time! I love all your fantastic presents! Now 45 but you don't look over 30.


  3. You are the best.
    Thank you, my kids touch my heart by just walking into the room. They could give me a hug and kiss and it is truly all I need.

  4. Richelle,

    Please email me. You won my giveaway.