Friday, December 23, 2011

The Things You Find in Places You Don't Like

I was longing for a burlap lamp shade for temp floor lamp I have in my bedroom. I had every intention of making one (really I did!!) however, at one store I VERY seldom shop at (reasons not necessary to post right now but will at a later date because it's a passionate subject matter of mine) Wal*mart. For $10 I found this!! It's not burlap but has the colors I wanted and that FC flair! The price could not be beat but sadly, yes, it was made in China and not America!


  1. Richelle, I love the lampshade even though you bought it in "that store"!! LOL

    Did you see the movie, Walmart the High Cost of Low Price?

    I have gone there a few times myself but I do my best to buy local too.

  2. I know. It was only $10, no surprise there with "THAT" STORE! lol went against everything I believe a REAL store should be!!
    Now I CAN say I have seen the movie Walmart, the High Cost of Low Prices and HIGHLY recommend to anyone who has been in a Walmart store!!!