Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Open House and Some of My Finds

Their 2nd Annual OH since new owners took over
I did NOT take this particular photo
Along the Squannacook River in Townsend MA there is an OLD and darling shop called the Spaulding Cooperage. I was welcomed there with the sun setting along the river and trees

Stunning sunset, right?

As I walked around the outside to view the sunset and river I took some photos

Nothing like a pretty decorated window box to cheer you up!

What I thought was already experienced pleasure from the outside but found MANY treats inside! Wish I got more photos for you!!!
loved this silver reindeer bowl $25...I didn't want
to spend that on this as I think I can find it Crate and Barrel
Catalog when they are on clearance.

FINALLY! Here are my funky and fun finds! One multi-colored feather wreath, one white feather owl (for my Christmas Tree), and a tree form made of real birch wood!!! I love all three of my items!


  1. I really like your Blog! It really has the feel of Massachusetts! I joined to follow so I can visit anytime!